Shame…A Powerful Tool

Making pancakes this morning and this song from Toby Mac brought forth thoughts and feelings I've been holding onto for quite some time... So speak life, speak lifeTo the deadest darkest nightSpeak life, speak lifeWhen the sun won't shine and you don't know whyLook into the eyes of the broken heartedWatch them come alive as …

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I Sat There…Thinking

I sat in the chair. The smell of fresh coffee filled the room. The warm ambient light shining as the heater blew out hot air. Serene. Warm. And quiet for but a few minutes. I sat there thinking, interrupted in between as the sounds of excited children filled the atmosphere. Their giggles of delight while they …

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Trust…Even When I Cannot See

The sun is shining through the yellow/orange leaves, promising yet another beautiful day. I can't see the sun. But I can see the proof that it exists in the magical way it lights up the homestead long before it finally makes it's appearance over top the trees the surround us. Christmas music playing in the …

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A Long Time Waiting

We moved.We adopted.We took leaps of faith and made changes to better serve our children (especially the two older ones). He studied.He passed the test.He got the license. We moved. He sacrificed that license for our family.Took yet another test.Got yet another license.He managed an office for his work place in a very challenging location. …

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